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Children are keenly sensitive to acquiring language with little effort. They absorb their surroundings, exploring, and manipulating the materials and objects in a productive learning environment. Learning a language is a process that involves the natural development of phonemic awareness, sound discrimination and the development of expressive and receptive language. For this to happen, it should be taught at a very early age, while the channels of the brain are most receptive to language development, preferably at the same time the native language is being taught.

We start introducing Spanish to the Toddlers and continue to build on their language skills and understanding through Primary and Elementary. Spanish lessons are presented to the children in their classrooms once a week. And Spanish language materials are available for the children to work with in each class. During initial lessons, isolated vocabulary is presented to the child and a series of questions and answers also forms part of each lesson. As the child progresses with the oral aspect of the program, reading skills are introduced, preparing the way for writing.