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Welcome to Montessori Academy of North Texas

Montessori Academy of North Texas is 4 star-certified by Texas Rising Star.

Creative. Brain-based. Beautiful. Profound. Joyful. This is the essence of Montessori — a 100-year-old education model that is both progressive and time-tested. Children emerge from Montessori schools with a love for learning, motivated, curious about the world, and capable of meeting challenges that come their way.

The Montessori model acknowledges that no one “teaches” a baby to sit up, or crawl, or walk. Each of these early development tasks is mastered along the child’s internal timeline as he or she scratches the “intellectual itch” to grow and learn in a new way.

That’s why children in a Montessori classroom are immersed in a carefully prepared environment with activities designed to stimulate their interest. The teacher’s role is to guide them on their quest to satisfy their developmental curiosity.

Because children work individually or in small groups monitored by the teacher, a Montessori education is tailored to the specific child. Children progress at their own pace, follow their own curiosity and learn an array of subjects simultaneously.

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We Are Committed Mission Statement

To provide an environment that will nurture and empower children to realize and explore the gifts of intelligence, curiosity, and creativity with which they were born. With the “whole child” approach, our goal is to empower children to achieve their full potential in all areas of life.

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