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Primary (3 yr. – 6 yr.)

Half-day, Extended day, and Full day programs available.

Ages: 3 years-6 years
The Primary environment continues to build on the cycle of learning. It is designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years, capitalizing on the natural curiosity of the child. The teacher is keenly in tune with developmental stages of the child and introduces appropriate materials.

The classroom is equipped with multi-sensory materials that are self-correcting. Self-correcting materials provide the child with a great deal of self-pride because they are able to discover when something is incorrect and fix it without assistance.

Materials available at this age group promote the learning of skills that help bridge the child’s understanding of abstract ideas. The Montessori curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, math, geometry, language, science, fine arts, geography, botany, and cultural studies.

At this age, children can begin to understand the concept of how they fit into the world. It is important that they begin learning how to be good and responsible citizens. Therefore, the children are actively involved in community service projects.

Please Click here to find out information on the Curriculum your child will be taught at MANT.

“We must support as much as possible the child’s desires for activity; not wait on him, but educate him to be independent.”
-Maria Montessori


Admission Open 2023-24, Limited Seats Available!