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Feeding your children isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It requires having options that are nutritious, available, and are of the child’s liking. This can be tricky to maneuver as your child begins to age and go to school. As children start school for the first time, parents are faced with the challenge of providing nutritious meals their kids will eat at school while parents aren’t around. How can parents ensure their child is fed balanced meals during the day? By choosing a school that provides nutritious meals! 

Montessori Academy of North Texas proudly serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks to all of our students each day with no extra cost to tuition. Each meal is made fresh everyday by our own chef, never catered. We serve and buy local foods to provide nutritious options that will fuel our students’ learning throughout the day. We believe healthy, fresh food options are essential for success inside a learning environment. On top of this, our food is delicious! Our chef handcrafts each meal so we can answer the underlying question: what’s in my child’s food? For preschool and elementary level students, it is imperative that these children are fed nutritious meals throughout the day.

The Effects of an Unbalanced Diet 

 A poor, imbalanced diet can lead to numerous prolonged physical and mental health affects. The first major physical issue with overconsumption of unhealthy foods within children is obesity. Nearly a third of adolescents in America are overweight or obese (CDC 2023). Although, the effects of daily consumption of unhealthy foods goes beyond weight gain. When children do not consume enough of important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it makes it more difficult for children to fight against illness now and health issues later in life, such as diabetes, kidney stones, and heart diseases. Along with this, students who engage in sports are more likely to struggle with fatigue due to the unhealthy lunch from earlier in the day. 

Mental performance is directly tied to proper nutrition and good eating habits. Nutritious foods fuel children and give them the ability to concentrate and comprehend new learning material. When children do not consume these essential nutrients, it can affect their memory capacities, fine motor skills, language and social skills, and lower their IQ score. Lastly, an unhealthy school meal can impact a child’s sleep and make it more difficult for them to be able to have quality sleep. Poor sleep quality within a child is likely to result in cognitive and academic challenges. 

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