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Back to School Parade

On Tuesday, August 4th, we are hosting a “Welcome Back to School Drive-Through Parade.”  Your child’s teachers will be outside of MANT so you can drive through and wave and children will have the opportunity to see their teachers. 

PP1                 9:30 am

P1                   9:00 am

P2                   9:15 am

LE                    9:45 am

UE                   10:00 am

Parents that have paid tuition and supply fees in full will be given their child's/children's lunch box, t-shirt, etc. 

This is a great time to drop off all of those items that must come with your child on the first day:

What to bring on the first day of school:

Pre-Primary & Primary Students  

  • A box of wipes
  • A change of clothes, labeled with the child’s name, in a large Ziploc type bag. The extra set of clothes should include pants/shorts, shirt, underwear, and socks.

If clothes are sent home for washing, please return a new change of clothes the next day.

  • Diapers (if applicable) & Diaper cream (if applicable and the parent wants us to apply it)
  • Nap Roll for naptime (not applicable to Kindergarten students) Please do not bring pillows.
  • Family photograph for your child’s cubby


  • House shoes for the classroom
  • No backpacks. MANT supplies tablet bags for Upper Elementary students.
  • Upper Elementary students – Chromebook or tablet with keyboard.