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Montessori Students Create Posters to Honor Local Law Enforcement

In light of the tragedy in Dallas where five police officers were killed, communities in Grayson County have found ways to give back to law enforcement and show appreciation for what they do. With cards, treats and simple reminders of appreciation, the groups aimed to show the officers that the community cares.

Bob Taylor, a senior vice president for Legend Bank, helped organize a lunch for law enforcement personnel and city officials Wednesday at Loose Wheels. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., local Department of Public Safety Troopers, sheriff’s office personnel, Sherman and Denison Police officers dined on the bank’s dime, which Taylor said was to recognize these officers for the work they do. He said the tragedy in Dallas made people realize how law enforcement personnel risk their lives on the job.

“It caused us — locally, regionally and even nationally — to stop and say thanks for what you do,” Taylor said. “A lot of times it’s a thankless job. These guys have such difficult circumstances sometimes.”

The tables of the restaurant were decorated with artwork featuring police that was crafted by children from the Montessori Academy of North Texas, the Belden Street Montessori and the Boys and Girls Club of Sherman. The notes written in crayon read, “thank you for keeping us safe,” “you’re the best cop ever” and other like messages accompanied by illustrations of police.

The employees of the Smart Mouth Family Dental in Denison delivered three dozen cookies to each of the sheriff’s office and the Denison and Sherman Police Departments this week. Leslie Oliver, the office manager of the dental clinic, said they have several patients in the law enforcement community, and they just wanted to do something to thank the officers.

“We just hope that they know their community does notice what they do for us and feel appreciated,” Oliver said. “… It’s kind of a job that doesn’t get recognized much for what they do, so I just hope people continue to show their appreciation.”

Members of the Trinity United Methodist Church in Denison decorated their outdoor signs with blue ribbons and balloons Wednesday morning to display support for law enforcement. Nancy Trainor, a member of the church, said the purpose was to remind people and perhaps influence others to find new ways of showing appreciation. She said the eight or so members also inflated balloons for other members to take home and tie to their mailboxes.

“We hope it makes a difference when people see it and maybe it will spark some other ideas in ways we can support our community, and all of our first responders,” Trainor said.

Lt. Rickey Wheeler of the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office said the outpouring of support has helped improve morale. He said he’s sure Denison and Sherman Police are seeing a boost as well. Wheeler was at the lunch at Loose Wheels with several sheriff’s office personnel.

“As a smaller county in this area, when something happens to law enforcement, and we suffer a tragedy — whether it’s here or as close as Dallas — our community really steps up,” Wheeler said. “People come out and show us how they really do support us. It’s something we appreciate as officers; it’s something the citizens participate in and it gives them a sense of well-being that they made us feel better in turn.”

By Alex Maxwell
Herald Democrat

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