Financial Assistance Programs


    Workforce Solutions Texoma Child Care Subsidy Program (CCS) 
    Montessori Academy of North Texas is an approved CCS provider.  Workforce Solutions Texoma offers child care assistance to help low income families pay for child care so they can go to work, attend an educational program or a vocational training program. The funds used to pay for child care assistance are federal Child Care and Development Funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Customers receiving child care assistance must meet federal, state and local guidelines in order to qualify for child care assistance. The information contained on this website is here to help you:
    • make a decision about child care for your child/children,
    • determine if you may qualify for child care assistance,
    • complete the application process to receive child care assistance, and
    • complete the re-certification process while receiving child care assistance.
    For more information about the CCS (Child Care Subsidy) program or to complete the on-line application click here
    MANT Scholarship Fund 
    If a family is unable to meet the qualifications for CCS assistance, Montessori Academy of North Texas provides the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded based on need.  Scholarships are awarded in $50 and $100 monthly tuition credit amounts.  This scholarship fund is available through the generous efforts of our MANT parents that support our annual Spring Fling through their attendance, donations, and purchases.  Additional information regarding the application process is available on the Scholarship Applications & Guidelines. .