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  • Thank you for considering Montessori Academy of North Texas for your child/children. We welcome the opportunity to be part of your child's educational experiences. Some of the most important decisions we make in life regard our children and their education. 
  • We understand the critical questions one contemplates when considering various programs, such as "Does this school and environment provide the best possible foundation for my child?", "Are my parental values and beliefs reflected within this environment?", and "Does this school provide my child the opportunity to grow and continue to be challenged?". We are here to answer any of your questions and concerns in regard to our program and the philosophy and approach of the Montessori method.
    Our school is a faithful reflection of Dr. Montessori's teaching methods and educational foresight. The basic tenet of the Montessori method is love and respect for children, which, coupled with a strong knowledge of child development, inspires the teachings and interactions of our certified Montessori educators. Each classroom has one teacher and an aide. Lead teachers are Montessori certified and aides are Montessori certified or in the process of completing their certification.
  • We are pleased you are interested in the Montessori Academy of North Texas for your child's education. We invite you to come by or make an appointment to tour our campus, watch the program through observation windows, meet and visit with our teachers, and let us answer any questions you may have.

    "The process by which the human personality is formed is the secret work of incarnation" 

    -Maria Montessori