What are parents saying?


    All three of our boys attend MANT. When our oldest son started out at MANT, his progression socially and academically was noticeable almost immediately.  He developed a passion for reading that I am not sure would have been cultivated the same way had it not been for the excellent teachers who encouraged him daily to not only strive to improve his reading but also encouraged him to think critically about what he was learning when he read. It is this one-on-one type of education that continues to allow him to flourish. The teachers at MANT relate so well to the students and connect the student’s passions with learning opportunities that go far beyond memorization of facts. The teachers at MANT turn this students into doers, problem solvers, and active citizens.

    There was no question where our two younger boys would attend school. It has been such a pleasure to both watch and participate in the MANT educational process with our sons. Education is the foundation for everything and we have been so pleased that our boys have had the opportunity to build such a strong foundation that will serve them, and because MANT does such a great job promoting values of citizenship, a foundation that will also serve their future communities for life.

    -Matthew Krov



    Between our two daughters, we have had the privilege of being a part of the MANT family for over fourteen years.   The quality of education and care my children have received is second to none.  The mixed age classrooms allow the children to grow and mature and truly evolve into classroom leaders.  The school's academics are top-notch, but my kids have never complained nor have I felt they were over worked.  The overall feel of the classroom is one of mutual respect between teacher and student, and my kids have thrived in that environment.  I would encourage anybody that is considering this program to familiarize yourself with the Montessori philosophy (it is truly amazing!) and visit the school for a tour. 

    -Stephanie Clouse



    Attending MANT changed my granddaughter's life so much for the better! She had failed two of three STAAR tests before MANT. After MANT, AP classes at Piner, passing the STAAR tests, now she is in Sherman High School in the Collegiate Program earning duel credit. I will always appreciate and speak highly of MANT.

    -Angie Miles