Transition to Primary

  • When a child is ready to transition to the next Montessori classroom, he/she is exhibiting several signs of readiness as identified by the toddler teacher including:

  • Advanced language skills
  • A repetition of lessons
  • An increase of Practical Life work (use of hands); longer work with more steps
  • A greater sense of order and neatness during snack and lunch times
  • Demonstrate a social awareness
  • Students are eligible for promotion from pre-primary to primary when they are socially & emotionally prepared, potty trained, have demonstrated mastery of specific concepts, are three years old, and space is available.   Promotion decisions will be made by the MANT Director and the child’s teachers.  Promotions will be discussed with the parent prior to any changes. 


    The Transition

    The transition to accommodate the child is individual and purposeful. The Primary teacher will observe the child in the toddler classroom and parents are invited to observe a Primary classroom.


    The child will begin visits into the Primary classroom. They will have snack with an older child and will begin receiving lessons from the Primary teacher.


    Now they’re really excited to move into their new classroom, make new friends and be reunited with old ones!
    To prepare your child for the change, we gradually introduce them to their new classroom. The weeks before their first “official day” in Primary are spent transitioning from their Pre-Primary classroom into their new Primary classroom. They are able to visit their new room for scheduled regular intervals that build over the course of a few weeks before the anticipated transition date. This time allows them to become familiar with the environment, teachers and students in their classroom at a gradual, slow pace.