Kindergarten in a Montessori Environment

  • The Kindergarten program is an extension of the Primary program and a transition to the Elementary Program.  In the Montessori model, children in the Kindergarten and Primary share classroom space. The Montessori model offers the Kindergarten children a chance to reinforce mastery of subject areas by assisting younger children in the classroom.  In addition, Kindergarten students pursue more advanced activities, individually and as a whole group.

    In Kindergarten at MANT, students :

    • Begin weekly homework assignments.  These activities are designed to be very short, reinforce concepts the child has learned, and most of all, create responsibility.  
    • Participate in an extra two hours of literacy instruction in our school library each day while their classmates rest after lunch.  
    • Progress in confidence and creativity in writing, utilizing new strategies.
    • Continue to build fluency and comprehension skills in reading independently and aloud.
    • Build on mathematical foundations to learn more complex functions.
    • Gain self-esteem through opportunities to share and speak in front of their peer group.
    • Engage in technology. 
    • Explore and express themselves through art, music, storytelling, and more.